It was summer 2017 and I was catching a flight at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. While waiting for my flight, I went to one of the electronics store. And there it was, the new MacBook Pro with butterfly keyboard. Well not really new, it was released half a year ago at that time but for some reason I was never bothered to try them out at my local Apple Store so that was actually my first time seeing and trying it. Unlike a normal human being who probably wants to try typing on the new keyboard by going into Safari or something and typing a few stuff, as a developer, I tried it on, you guessed it, Terminal. To make things more realistic, I specifically chose the black-background-with-green-text theme (Homebrew theme) and turned on full-screen. And I started typing standard Linux commands like “ls” (listing stuff in the current directory) and “cd” (go into a directory). So into a folder I go, list things out, go back, then into another folder, and so on. The security guy saw what I was doing and he freaked out! I could tell his thought process went somewhere along “holy shit that kid is hacking the computer!”. He immediately told me to stop and didn’t let me touch anything anymore. So I walked out the store, with a big smile on my face for fooling a security into thinking I’m hacking a computer in broad daylight in a building complex where the exits aren’t necessarily the easiest. I continued on to the gate and board my flight.